My journey
quitting my 9-5
and becoming a
Digital Nomad..

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Hey guys!
Ora the explorer here your digital nomad girly
here to inspire you through my journey of how to live a life that brings you joy

Heard of affiliate marketing?
Websites/funnels/landing pages/automated systems seem too complicated?
Not tech-savvy?
Not sure where to start?

Not a problem!
This course takes you step by step how to set yourself up an automative system, teaches you what NOT to do and shows you what soo many affiliates do wrong and why they aren't successful.
Affiliate marketing:
The in's and out's for beginners
How to earn an
online Income with
How to create
Financial-Freedom and
Time-Freedom to work
WHERE you want
WHEN you want
How to set-up an automated system, so you're earning while you're out living your life
Manifest the life you want

"I just want to Travel, eat good food,
spend time with family, be financially stable
and work NOT get in the way of me living life"